Current AI/Machine Learning trends in Football

Reminisce the smell of the field in your last playtime and the adrenaline boosts during the game !!!!!

Where and How AI/Machine Learning is being used in the current trend?

Generic Stereotype of an image of machine learning applied [1]
Match outcome analysis based on dynamic data input of each team
  • Detecting body pose and limbs
Tracking of individual gait movements (pose of players) [3]
  • Tracking players to access individual performance stats
Object detection of players in game [3]
  • Camera stitching
Tracking of players by the automated camera-stitched FOV [3]
This shows the home-screen of their UI [5]
Player analysis and stats display [5]
Important key events of in-game are gathered by the software [6]
Positional intelligence provided by geo-tracking and heatmaps [6]
You can create and search for key events in the game [6]
Contextual analysis UI [7]
In-depth strategic feedback for team dynamics [7]
Comparison of the player’s stats with an existing player and past data from both leagues [7]
  • automatic scene detection and tagging: Novel computer vision algorithms are used for body pose estimation
  • Team-style categorization
  • passing options visualization
PitchBrain in action and component analysis of their 3-feature algorithms [9]
This video shows FIFA being played by an AI [10]
Generic system flow of deep-learning based FIFA [11]



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